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Sant Joan de l’Hospital. Valencia, Spanje 2018
‘The church of Sant Joan de l’Hospital, Cistercian Gothic with some Romanesque elements, is the oldest in the city of Valencia. Located inside an island bounded between the streets of La Mar, Sant Cristòfol, Miracle and Trinquet de Cavallers, in the neighborhood of La Xerea, within the district of Ciutat Vella, its name is due to the Order of Saint John of the Hospital or order of Malta. Two entrances located in the last two streets allow access to a patio or traffic called “del Calvari” to have a Via Crucis of Valencian counters of the 18th century. At the entrance of Trinquet de Cavallers street, there is an atrium with red crosses of the xiii, symbol of the Order of Malta. The north side of this courtyard retains a series of archosolia that must have belonged to the medieval cemetery; on the south side stands the church. To the left of the courtyard, we find a bell tower from the first half of the seventeenth century,under which a Romanesquedoor opens, with a smooth semicircular arch, crowned by a primitive shield of the Orderof St. John of Jerusalem, whose study has allowed to establish that this door predates the door of the Palace or the Almoina of the headquarters of Valencia. Since 1943, it has been a historic-artistic monument and since 1966 it has been directed by Opus Dei.’ Bron: Wikipedia.